I try to find the meaning and humanity inherent in nature, in people and in human artifacts

One thing I love about photography is being able to show people things they might pass by every day and never notice. I’ve been walking slower and slower and slower. The slower I go, the more I see, and coming full circle, the more I can show to others.

Print and Purchase Information

I print using a Canon Pro-4000 44" wide printer which uses 11 color, pigment, archival inks. I print on fine art, archival paper. I have tested over 20 types of paper to find the very best one for each series of images that I produce.

All photographs in each series that I sell are an "inclusive limited edition". That means that once the edition of 12 has been sold, regardless of size, no other prints will be offered for sale. Each print is signed, numbered and dated on the back.

When a series has been released for sale, you will find a Purchase Information button below each of the images in that series. Purchases can be made using PayPal or a credit card. I will ship your prints carefully rolled inside a heavy-duty tube anywhere in the United States free of charge.

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Many thanks for all of your support.

Richard Dweck


fb: @rdweckphoto

ig: richarddweck